Package dev.jaims.moducore.api.event


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class ModuCoreAsyncChatEvent(    val player: Player,     val originalMessage: String,     var message: Component,     var recipients: Set<Player>,     val mentionedPlayers: Set<Player>,     var playersToPing: Set<Player>) : ModuCoreCancellableEvent

The Chat Event that ModuCore will call if chat is enabled in the modules.

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class ModuCoreReloadEvent(val executor: CommandSender) : ModuCoreCancellableEvent

The Event called when ModuCore is reloaded. Note: If you cancel the event, the reload will fail silently, so you may want to notify the executor that the event has been cancelled.

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class ModuCoreSignCommandEvent(    val sender: CommandSender,     val command: String,     val actualCommand: Component,     val signClicked: Sign,     val interactEvent: PlayerInteractEvent) : ModuCoreCancellableEvent

An event called when a player clicks a sign to run a command.