Package dev.jaims.mcutils.bungee


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Turn a string into a colored string.
fun String.colorize(): String
fun List<String>.colorize(): List<String>
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A way to log messages to your plugins console much easier.
fun Plugin.log(message: Any?, severity: Severity)
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Register a command
fun Plugin.register(vararg command: Array<Out Command>)
Register a listener
fun Plugin.register(vararg listener: Array<Out Listener>)
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Send a message to someone
fun CommandSender.send(message: String)
Send multiple messsages at once
fun CommandSender.send(messages: MutableList<String>)
Send a message to a list of command senders
fun <T : CommandSender> MutableList<T>.send(message: String)
Send a list of messages
fun <T : CommandSender> MutableList<T>.send(messages: MutableList<String>)